Kansas Casinos Prove Wizardly in Gaming Revenue Growth

Kansas Casinos Prove Wizardly in Gaming Revenue Growth

There isn’t any place like home for gross gaming revenue; at least in line with the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) 2012 annual casino market report that is commercial. The fastest-growing state is: Kansas while Vegas and Nevada continue to lead the field in pure gaming revenues. Kansas? Yep, Kansas. Who even knew that they had casinos in Kansas? Maybe you simply can’t see them through the wheat industries.

Beating out nj-new jersey (a continuing state that has actually been on tilt into the gaming arena of late), Pennsylvania, New York, and even Ca, Kansas really could be the Land of Oz whenever it concerns bringing in casino customers, it seems. Maybe Glinda, the Witch that is good dropping them from her magical bubble. Maybe there’s just not lot else to do there.

Incredible Growth

We’re not talking about doubling or even tripling in growth here; nope, Kansas’ gross gaming revenue jumped an incredible 603.7 percent in 2012. Maybe they are handing out poppies into the gambling enterprises, but whatever the good reason, casino revenues went from $48 million in 2011 to $341 million in 2012.

Most of the increase is merely due to more casinos having been built and opened in the past few years. Kansas only made casino gambling legal in 2007, and by 2009, it still had just two casinos showing for it self. Now there are six, and also the state’s treasurers must be leaping up and down like flying monkeys in jubilati Leggi tutto “Kansas Casinos Prove Wizardly in Gaming Revenue Growth”

Ohio Man Sues Hollywood Casino for Giving Him Winnings in Cash

Ohio Man Sues Hollywood Casino for Giving Him Winnings in Cash

******Inside Columbus, Ohio’s Hollywood Casino******

Sometimes it’s hard to determine who’s stupider: the thieves or the victim they’ve robbed. The following tale might be described as a photo finish situation, however you decide.

Money and Carry

It seems 29-year-old David Hayes, a gambler at the Hollywood Casino Columbus, in Ohio, was fortunate enough to win $35,800 on October 21, 2012; but that’s where Hayes’ luck ended. In a casinopokies777.com lawsuit the Ohio man has since filed against the gambling operator, Hayes plus one of his attorneys, Joseph Landusky, claim that the casino forced him to just take his winnings by means of cash put against a check, and flashed his personal information to anyone waiting once he returned to his house later that night behind him in line, making him vulnerable to a subsequent home robbery.

The very fact that he left his straight back door open unlocked and accessible that night is but one return volley the casino is firing back during the man inside their legal response to his suit. Hayes claims two men that are armed his household, woke him, and demanded he hand over all 358 stacks of bound hundred-dollar bills before they became popular without harming him.

Two of these rocket scientists then actually bragged about the robbery to acquaintances, and have since been arrested and currently await test; a man that is third whose connection to the robbery is unclear, is also being sought now.

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